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Shutter Options

Louver Size

The 4.5 Louver

Allows the greatest view out with less louvers per square inch.

The 3.5 Louver

This size will fit most window frames and combines contemporary elegance with tradition.

The 2.5 Louver

Old school traditional for period style homes. Suitable choice to return to the look that made shutters famous.

Norman shutters.JPG

Invisible Tilt Rod

Is the louver mechanism that is encased with the gears in the frame


Hidden Tilt Rod

Is a thin metal strip on the back of the louver set that gives you control over the movement of your plantation shutters.

This option is also available for those who prefer a more contemporary look.


Traditional Tilt

Traditional tilt rod is located on the front and connected to each louver.

Split tilt rod.jpg

Split Tilt 

This offers independent control of the upper and lower louvers but, does not include the “Divider rail” that separates the upper and lower tiers.


\Offset Tilt

A tilt rod that is placed on the outer edge of window.


Divider Rail

Is required on panels over 72" tall, and an option for panels under 72" tall. This is a look traditional look plus gives control of the upper lower louver in sets.  The divider rail provides a great ability for light control and privacy.

Cafe shutter over sink_edited.jpg

Cafe Style

Cafe style leaves the top of the window un-shuttered, using only shutters for the bottom part. A great advantage of this style is that it maximizes light whilst providing privacy

Bipass over slider 2.jpg


Are well suited to a by-pass setup. A vertical track allows panels to slide past one another as they cover your windows. The alternative of a bi-fold configuration is on option when space that is available. 

arch door arch windows.JPG


All shapes and sizes. Eyebrow arch, angles, half circles and sunburst fan style. 

two outdoor 8.JPG

Patio Aluminum Shutters

A beautiful and functional option to extend the

seasonal use of your outdoor living space. 

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